17/4/19 Chris Biscoe's Mingus Profiles @ The Bull's Head

Chris Biscoe's Mingus Profiles reinterprets the music of Jazz legend , Charles Mingus. The band will play music from across Mingus' library, including from the seminal album, Ah Um.

Chris Biscoe - alto sax/alto clarinet, Chris Batchelor - trumpet, Tony Kofi - alto/baritone sax, Larry Bartley - bass, Kate Williams - piano, Gary Willcox - drums

10/5/19 Chris Biscoe's Mingus Profiles Sextet in

19/5/19 Chris Biscoe Qrt @ The Oval Tavern, Croydon

Sunday lunchtime at The Oval Tavern, Croydon, South London, is a well established gig.  Free Admission.

band features Chris Biscoe - alto sax, Chris Batchelor - trumpet, Gary Willcox - drums, Larry Bartley - bass

31/5/19  Live radio broadcast on Resonance FM with Loz Speyer's Inner Space.  8 - 9 pm

Loz Speyer - trumpet/composition, Chris Biscoe - alto sax/alto clarinet, Rachel Musson - tenor sax, Olie Brice  - bass,  Gary Willcox - drums

10/6/19 Chris Biscoe's Mingus Profiles @ Ronnie Scott's Club

The Late Late Show, 11pm - 3am.  Hosted by the inimitable Alex Garnett.  2nd set opens up for a jam session.

14/6/19  Gary Willcox Qrt. @  Cadogan Hall - Out to Lunch

Cadogan Hall's lunchtime concert series.

Free admission.  12pm - 2pm

Stephen Main - alto sax

Gareth Williams - piano

Oli hayhurst = bass

Gary Willcox - drums

15/6/19  Gary Willcox Qrt. @ Archduke Wine Bar

Free Admission, 10pm - Midnight

Stephen Main - alto sax

Gareth Williams - piano

Oli Hayhurst - bass

Gary Willcox - drums

6/9/19 Gary Willcox Qrt @ Bracknell Jazz, South Hills Park Arts Centre

20/9/19 Scott Willcox Band @ Jazz at the Progress, Reading, Berks

30/9/19 Gary Willcox Qnt @ Ronnie Scott's Late Late Show - Plays music of drummer/composers.

Chris Batchelor - trpt, Steve Main - alto sax, Gareth Williams - piano, Oli Hayhurst  - bass, Gary Willcox - drums

12/10/19 Gary Willcox Qrt. @ The Bear Club, Luton

Stephen Main - alto sax

Ross Stanley - piano/keys

Oli Hayhurst - bass

Gary Willcox - drums

30/10/19 Scott Willcox Band @ The Bull's Head, Barnes

3/11/19 Scott Willcox Band @ St.Andrew's Baptist Church, Upper Halliford, TW16

15/11/19 Loz Speyer's Inner Space - London Jazz Fest.

16/11/19 WayOutWest @ Jazz Cafe Posk, Hammersmith - London Jazz Fest.

20/11/19 WayOutWest @ The Bull's Head, Barnes - London Jazz Fest.

22/11/19 Loz Speyer's Inner Space @ The Verdict, Brighton